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Sad Whatsapp Status Boys & Girls - Share your inner feeling of sadness with our best Sad Status for WhatsApp 2019 Never miss any status or quotes for the dear ones. We updated this page with the latest Heart Broken Status for Boys & Girls. We provide the best Sad Whatsapp Quotes Daily New Status Update here on Best Sad Status 2018 in HINDI. Just Copy and paste the Status using our Copy Status Button. Users want to share mood off status in Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali in manty different Languages.

Status on Sad Mood

Right now we provide Whatsapp Sad Status in Hindi and English only! Check our latest Sad Status Images free to download. We recommend Sad Status Images for WhatsApp is the best solution we reviewed ever for making our problem solved in a various relationship. It is more user-friendly! 

My heart is now mature enough to leave you

One true fact about today’s world is you are required till the moment you are useful

Today I am alone but I was not forever. And now I just cherish the moment when we are together.

Rejection is a part of life, but if it is not acceptable to you then you are not acceptable to society.

No relationship is permanent, whatever we do for the person doesn’t matter, at the end he or she will leave.

Love and hate are the two sides of life just like head and tail are two sides of a coin. Which one turns for you is absolutely your fate.

I used to tell you in anger one day I’ll leave you but I never meant it. And you used to cry in fear of losing me but you left me.

The earth is round. Where we start from we end up there only. Like our love started with fighting and ended up with fighting.

Once I broke the gift you gave me in anger but I never thought you will break my heart like that one day.

Your care taught me to live life and your ignorance left me alone again with the feelings that I have no reason to live again.

The day I bought engagement ring for you, planned to propose you for marriage, is the same day I found you with someone other. Now I don’t have you but I still have the ring with me.

You may have left me, broken my heart but I always pray to God to keep you happy because I know you don’t have the guts to feel that pain you gave me.

The day you told me you want to break up was the day I tattooed your name on the left side of my chest. Truly the pain I got while tattooing was nothing as compared to the one when you said we are ending up.

You are happy enough to leave me but I can’t live a single moment without thinking about you. Please give your heart to me so that I can also feel like the same you can.

Trusting you was the second worst thing, finding you is the first one ever in my life.

I’m happy that we are not married. I’ve ruined 50% of my life. Marrying you would have ruined 100% of it.

Life is conducted of 80% sadness and only 20% happiness. If it was opposite we would never understand the value of happiness and we would not be able to bear the pain of sadness.

Life is too short and in this short time it provides us with all the important lessons. And the most important of them is how to bear pain

I am scared to love anyone now and you are responsible for this. Thank you for destroying my feelings.

Don’t play with the heart of a person who is intensely in love with you. You may end up having fun but that person will lose the most important thing to thrive on. And that is TRUST.

I want some pill or capsule which can erase my previous memories from my mind.....!

How can she survive without having conversation more than one day... It hurts

Why she don't feel for me even after infinity love moments?

I thought love is the only thread which links BF and GF, But I was wrong Money, Job are also essential ingredients...

Sometimes it seems PlayBoy are the richest person in terms of relationship!

Broken Heart Status for Boys & Girls

Let Check Daily sad life status in Hindi here for our dear ones, Who has value in our life. We actually search or browse status in a sad mood for the time when we feel lonely in any situation. No doubt if we share the above sad status English version will make the opposite partner understand without using our lips. It's a great technique to realize our partner about our faults. Right now we do not produce any sad whatsapp status video download.

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No one is Happy forever in this world, actually, happiness is so precious to us just because of that worst emotion called SAD, it comes without any invitation but it comes everyone’s life. Being sad is a different feeling to everyone. If you notice, a child is sad, maybe because his parent scolds him, a student is sad maybe his got the poor grade in the exam, if a couple is sad, maybe they quarreled each other. So feeling sad may have lots of causes. You just need to know how to execute that or how to overcome that sadness. The best thing is show your sadness or do that thing which you like to do very much. If you are angry upon your partner then you may check our new category Gusse wale status Hindi


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How do most of the people show their Sadness?

As I told you it is the worst feeling but if you have good control over your mind then it can make you strong enough to fight with the circumstances but if you are weak then this feeling of sadness destroy you totally.


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Let’s have a look at how other people deal with that:

Here I’ll only talk about a couple who were in love with each other madly but now separated. Most of the people became depressed after having the breakup. Basically, girls suffered from insomnia and spend their night by crying. Some guys console themselves by drinking alcohol. But the worst is when one of them committed suicide by believing that without the loving person their life is meaningless. Some lucky person gets another hand to hold and move on their life by forgetting the past. Some people work hard to create their own identity. So if anyone is in a sad mood you can’t relate yourself with that person. 


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Actually what you should do to overcome the sadness?

Just execute your sadness by sharing it with some simple and touchy line. Yes, use WhatsApp Status to express your present feeling. Learn to admit your mistake, express that you still love with that idiot, or curse yourself that why you believed that guy blindly. Time will heal you it’s true, but expressing your inner feeling can also work as medications. Try it! Then believe.

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