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Rose Day Quotes for Friends, Lovers in english

Ajeeb Status ↪ Rose Day Quotes for Friends, Lovers in english

Rose Day Quotes for Friends, Lovers

Sending a beautiful Rose to the Prettiest ROSE in my life. Happy Rose Day.

Roses and its thrones are the symbol of our gladness and sadness, so always be happy and calm in any situation. Happy Rose day to you.

Sending this bunch of red roses to that special girl to make her understand how precious she is.

You never hide the fragrance of Rose and the expression of Love

The fragrance of roses always makes you happy…… so why not make others happy with the rose?

Red Roses are for Lovers, Yellows are for Friendship, Whites are the symbol of peace and respect. So celebrate this day with all… Happy Rose Day.

Some Roses are given to show the respect! Happy Rose Day

Love is not for only Lovers; just like Rose Day is not only for couples, you can wish anyone on this day! Happy Rose Day

On this Rose Day, share your feeling with your beloved or the special person

ROSES have its own language……… only HEART can understand this….. HAPPY ROSE DAY!

Rose day quotes for friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, Husband, Wife etc