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In Love Status for Girlfriend & Boyfriend: Love is the most sensational word in this world. I don’t think anyone is deprived of the taste of love. It is an amazing feeling which makes you feel the happiest person in the world when you are in love So must share our Love Whatsapp Status on Facebook and Instagram. From the ancient period of time people who were in love share their feelings with each other in a various way.  Why not peep into the ancient era? Let’s go! 

Love Whatsapp Status 2019 | In Love Status | Status about Lovely Feeling

love WhatsApp status in English - We also Provide Love status in Hindi to share yours. Love has no ending no language it only looks two heart which beat every time and reminds the two partners of each other.

My life and your rule- best combination ever

Love is a magic which can hypnotize you for life long if you are with the right magician

I will not make any fake promises, only time will tell you for how long I am with you.

My love, it’s not easy to be with me for lifetime. So, think again, once you are with me I will continue fighting with you forever……..

I am not your lover actually I am an admirer of your entire beauty. You are my goddess and I’m your worshipper.

If you don’t find me someday look for me in your heart. I will always be there even after my death.

I cannot propose you in filmy style, I cannot buy you bouquets every day, I cannot lean on my knees to ask you for marriage…. What I can do is keep on loving you silently and you will always find the love if you look into my eyes.

I was looking for a friend and I found you. I was looking for a true heart I found you. I was looking for trust I found you, so, when you were looking for a wife I was there for you.

The first time I saw you, we were strangers but our hearts were not. After so many years I can realize that.

I want you to be in front of me whenever I open my eyes in the morning and close my eyes at night.

You are the dessert which I crave for the most at the end of my meal.

24 hours is not enough for loving you, I need some more hours per day……

My love for you may change with time, because with each passing day it is increasing more and more…..

Thank you for the best birthday gift ever. What could be more precious gift for me other than your surname?

What is LOVE? To me Love is losing myself in your eyes and finding myself in your dreams.

I won’t call you baby…. Actually I’m waiting for the day when we both can call someone our baby.

My love for you is not like sugar; it’s very common; my love is a mixture of sour and spices, rare to find…

I wonder if I could be your favorite dish because they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

If you were a sea I would like to be the coast, where you have to break down each time, though how powerful you be……

When I walk alone I just move, when I walk holding your hands I reach closer to my destination each time.

Love is beyond of the Religious, Cast, rich and poor, LOVE is LOVE, you can’t compare it with anything!

I love you because I can’t stop loving you! And my LOVE is only for you.

LOVE is that feeling which happens automatically, no force will work there to love more or stop it.

LOVE is the only feeling whenever you try to hold it or control it, it will spread more.

Hey! I lost my heart, can you please give YOURS?

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Love Whatsapp Status for Girlfriend : When people upgraded little bit then they used to share their feelings with each other by the help of their sky messenger. Don’t understand? I am talking about PIGEON. That period of time lovers wrote their feelings on a small piece of paper or something like that, Pigeon used to carry that messages and post that to the exact place, those pigeon used to call as a homing pigeon. This process was so famous at that time, and it was called the pigeon post. After some period of time this process was also vanished or you can say abolished due to the new process of transport, such as telegram, post. We also provide in our website love status in hindi for girlfriend

Love status in englishLove Status For Whatsapp

When people learn to use the post card, they used to share their feeling with letters, those letters are called love letters, the use of letter was continue until the digitalization came. Lovers love to share their every day’s feeling on that paper and share that letter direct hand to hand with lovers. They enjoyed this process very much, as it carry the feeling in details. Lovers loved to read the letters again and again.

But now a days this new generation people doesn’t use this old techniques, like exchanging love letters , they believe in shortcut, sharing of their love feelings is little bit unique as well as stylish. They just post the love status on facebook or Whatsapp, it is easy to understand and touchy also. You will find too many various style of status on LOVE, so just picked any one and put on Facebook or Whatsapp to share your feelings. Only follow Ajeeb Status for latest love whatsapp status 2018