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Happy WhatsApp Status 2018 in English

Ajeeb Status ↪ Happy WhatsApp Status 2018 in English

Happy whatsapp status in english : Sharing a happy status in Whatsapp with other friends and relatives gives a lot of delight for everyone. Happiness is a good mood which needs to be spread with others around us to leave a good feeling. The status messages are available with a lot of quality content which immediately catch the attention of people after immediate observation. 

Feeling happy status

Happy Status Collection - Here we are sharing with you New Happy Whatsapp Status Images Because when someone happy are more likely to share their happiness with their dear ones. SO we are making it more simple for our user to share their feelings with their dear ones. Just you are a single click away from sharing your feeling with the Whatsapp Users. Let check What are today's new Happy Status for Whatsapp or FB (Facebook)

Monsoon always makes me HAPPY and poetic

Dhokebaaz hume sakt nafrat hai, kyunki hum khud Dhokebaaz hai

As soon as I reached my destination, I missed my DSLR

Happiness is when GOOGLE shows your name by one click. :-D

Take risk in life, if you success it brings lots of happiness in your life

Always be positive, it brings positive outcome, and keeps you from all the negative trouble.

Work hard, earn money, buy whatever you want, or travel the world. This is the real cause of being happy.

Hug those things which make you happy, and leave those which make you sad.

To me happiness is – music, art, writing, books, travel, cook, first day first show of Bhaijaan, lots of shopping, and spending some quality times with my friends.

When everyone is against you, despite of that you get the success- That’s the HAPPINESS

Happiness is when your Boss requests you to make him understand a project details.

Happiness is when your dad buys something without looking the budget and you will pay that.

Someone asks me ‘What is happiness’? I replied – go and fall in love with someone.

I don’t need anything expensive to be happy, I am happy with a small book or romantic songs.

I love riding bi cycle, it makes me happy and feel that I am king of HEAVEN

I am born to be HAPPY so no sadness can touch me until I welcome them. :-D

Forget judging people, just spread the love and be happy. It is the simple funda of being happy.

Why searching happiness here and there? It lies in you, just do it what you want to do, and live your life as you want.

Life is short but happiness is limitless. There are no limitations in being happy. Grab all the limitless happiness as long as there is the limited life.

The world is full of happiness only if you can find it. The blue sky, the sweet air, the green meadows- all is filled with the happiness of life.

Happiness lies in freedom. Keep your mind free from all problems and you will find happiness in each and everything in this world.

I don’t need anybody to be happy. Actually if I can’t keep myself happy then there is no one else who can make this world happy for me. I am responsible for my happiness.

A beautiful heart, a sweet smile and a lovely company- for me that’s equal to all the happiness in this world.

God sent us with full of happiness but we are busy to open the PANDORA’S BOX

As every lock has its key, same like that every happiness has its own treat.

Whatsapp status for happy moments

A happy feeling is something that everyone desires. One can say that happiness is the ultimate goal of Human life and there are many philosophers argue that on how to attain it. In a way, happiness is what lays on the end of every trail you face. Be it getting good marks, or even getting a good job, what you attain in the end is your happiness and your satisfaction in achieving it. Wishing someone happy is the best way to show you care about them. You can even associate your life goal with happiness.

Whatsapp status for happy mood

Why is happiness the ultimate way to show love?

Happiness, as discussed is something everyone wants for themselves. As a life goal, wishing someone happiness can show your care and love for them. It’s the best way to connect your emotions and build relationships. In a way, you extend your best to others and compel them to do the same with you. Happy wishes are the way to go if you want to get into someone’s good grace.

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What is the best way to build relationships?

Wishing happy and merry on their good days is the best and most comfortable way to get into anyone’s good grace. Hoping anyone what you want to be wished as is the best way to convey what you feel. If you want people to perceive your happiness and sincerity, getting and building a happy relationship is a must. The more you spread happiness, the better your life would become. These relationships are the one that will help you in your bad times.

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Why should spread happiness and how?

Posting a happy status is the way to spread happiness in masses. Making someone smile in their saddest and the times they are down would not only make your life more colourful but also make other’s life more colourful. Spreading happiness is something which the ultimate goal of human life and something no-one will deny in their life.

Today i am very happy status

Be happy, be safe. This notion is on the rise these days because of the unhappiness these days. Your happy status can lift someone mood tenfold, so you need to do our best to spread it. Making this world happy is on your shoulder, and it’s time you take the pledge to become a part of this. Even if you are unhappy, making other happy is a way to make yourself happy too, and you should try it for yourself. Our messages will bring an immediate smile on your faces while posting and reading the same. Happy Whatsapp Status 2018 brings you the latest and beautiful mood elevating messages for a fresh start of your morning. Copy the status of your choice easily and after clicking the Whatsapp message to directly paste and post it. The status messages are available in category wise as per mood and language.

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