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Friendship Status in English : Someday there is nothing more impressive in this world than friendship. “Bros before hoes” is the prominent notion in relationships. Lovers come and goes, but friendship is something which will forever remain in your life. SO admire your friends with our Status for Friends Forever. Be it your happy times or even sad times, and your friendship is something which will get you out of every situation in life. They are the one thing which will never change throughout your life and if possible never try and force them to change. Check Daily Friendship Whatsapp Status Collection here and also you may check our all the sad mood, happy mood, love feeling, angry mood status etc

Only friend can receive the call with the GALI

To me friendship is that medicine which helps me to heal all the pain

I remember the first day I came to school I was crying because I was parting from my mother and on the last day of my school I was crying because I was parting from my friends.

The most important persons in life- my parents and my friends…without them I am nothing.

My friends are the only part of my life which keep me tension free with their idiotic yet sweet actions. Love you all guys…

Friendship is the only relation where there is no self-interest….. It’s limitless, condition less and demand less.

The world has seven wonders and I have a group wonders…..and they are my friends…the idiots are no less than wonders… ha haha

I don’t want gadgets or play station I just want those childhood days back when I used to play with my friends without any worry.

Life becomes so easier when you have caring friends. Any relation may end up but a true friendship never does.

I would prefer hanging with my friends than to go for a free tour to abroad.

I am blessed to have my group of idiot friends who make me cry for fun but could not see tears in my eyes when I am really sad.

I may live without burger and pizza but living without my friends is just next to impossible.

Ditching class, going for a movie, pulling legs, fighting with each other-all these are part of our relation but standing for each other is the best part indeed.

I don’t know you people are my friends or enemy….sometimes I feel like killing you all. But at the end of the day you all are really precious.

The rainbow is incomplete without its 7 colours and I am incomplete without my idiot friend.

Who need to be in relation when one have bestiee like you

I have never met an idiot like you before, you are the one who supports me anyone else.

I miss you the day whenever you absent in the class because I don’t get your bag to clean my desk off.

I’m lucky to have as my friend, atleast I have someone to fight with whenever I feel like.

As your best friend I’ll pick you up when you fall, after I finish laughing.

Dear bestiee I don’t know what I will do without you, who will give the proxy when I ditch the class.

Don’t know how my bestiee knows my wifi password, this is too much!!!

Don’t allow your parent or your guardian to receive your bestiees call, who knows, what will happen after that…

After taking selfies my betiee always post the worst pic of mine, I don’t know what kick she gets by doing that.

The best feeling is, you are telling a lie and your bestiee joins you just to help you out from that trouble.

Friendship Whatsapp Status in English

Best support of your life

Your parents might not support you on all your decisions, no matter how right or wrong you are. Friends, however, are the best support of your life. Real friends will always guide you to best of their abilities and will never lead you astray. They will still help you in a tough situation and are your best bet to know more. They will help you learn more about the world, shielding you from harm without blocking your exposure. They are, in short - best support of your life and you need to cling on to your friendship. Check our latest Sad Status Images, Love Image Free Download, Attitude Status Whatsapp Images

Funny Friendship Status

Best sharing partners 

There are many things you cannot talk about with your family and lovers. This is where friends come in. They are the best emotional support you can ask for and best people to share your problems with. They will take care of you when you are down, and in the darkest part of your life yet the same people will encourage you to the best of their abilities. Whenever you need to share something, friends are whom you go to. Good friends are the foundation of happy life.

Cute Friendship Status for someone special

If you find your best friends and real friendship in your life. Never let them go. They will get you through life, no matter how dark and gloomy it seems. Many stories hold testament to the strength of friendship and support friends can provide you in your life. If your one status can make them happy, and appreciated, take the initiative to post it. Your one post can make your friend’s day. Your friendship can get stronger, and you can come even close.

Status for friends forever

Your lover might not stick with you your whole life, but you can bet your real friends will. Make them feel appreciated from time to time, and you will find your true-life partner. In a sense, they are your “platonic soul mate” and making them happy will satisfy you too. Post a status to make them feel special today.