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Bewafa Whatsapp Status : If you look at it, everyone has cheated (Bewafa) in our lives, be it at sports, relationships or even studies. Cheating is in human nature which has evolved in our need to be best. Fraud is in daily life considered to be something not to be ashamed of, but as a short-cut to success. If you are not caught, then it’s just a skill.

Bewafa Whatsapp Status/ Shayari

In past few years, cheating has evolved as a social ability to even studies and businesses, and nothing has escaped its grasp, not even social media. A well Know Movie on Bewafa Must See!

Money Money Money - Isn't this your choice

Anyone can cheat, so be careful and choose only the REAL one

Was it my fault that I believed you so much? Or was it your choice that you cheated me like that?

Do you believe on KARMA? Then wait for your turn, you will return the same what you done with your partner.

If someone is cheating his or her beloved then is there any guarantee that s/he will not cheat on you?

If you are cheating someone it’s not a problem, the problem will arise when you caught in red handed.

When you forgot to spend time together, that is the crucial time for both of you as you are starting dates with another.

Now a days, people love to cheat their partners because they are attracted by the fake things instead of the real happiness.

Cheating and Committed both starts with C but very few people can Continue with the second one.

Being drunk can be an excuse of cheating your beloved and asking sorry for that. Though both were your choice, drinking and cheating.

Cheating is an addiction, so you can’t change that person who is highly addicted with this habit.

Can you sail on both the boat at the same moment? Then how can you date both at the same moment?

If you fraud an innocent one that means you never be a loyal person to anyone.

I used to trust and you used to break my trust every time. Now there is nothing we can cover up.

Don’t be sorry, it’s your choice to cheat me, now; it’s my choice to leave you.

You can only cheat those people who trust you! Not those who even don’t care of your existence. So think before you cheat

You cheated that person who was willing to do anything for you, now think do you really cheat that person or yourself?

I can forgive a mistake, a lie, a theft even but I can never forgive a cheat. Cheating is never a mistake; it is intentionally breaking someone’s dream.

You didn’t cheat me actually you cheated yourself because today you lost a loving and caring heart that was ready to do anything for you.

You cheated me, I am not angry on you. I’m angry on myself because I could not recognize the real face of a bluff

There is no credit in cheating someone. Everyone is capable of giving pain, credit lies in making a painful heart happy

Today you may cheat me but don’t feel happy. The world is round, what you give out comes in. Wait for your fate.

If you are not happy with your present relationship then just admit it, say it directly, instead of dating a new.

Friendship: trust :: love: neglect = start CHEATING/ so don’t believe anyone blindly.

How many years you are staying together doesn’t matter, how long you are in love each other, really matters.

Relationship (Bewafa Status for Whatsapp)

Relationships are number one ground of cheating for people, and these are the grounds people are most familiar with. Anything can be connected with it, and most people are aware of these topics. It makes cheating in a relationship the ideal place to explore and make people aware. These posts are quite common, and people enjoy them a lot as they are something anyone can relate to easily. Bewafa Whatsapp Status


This is a new field which is prominent in the market today. They make an amusing topic for people and an impressive conversation starter. These statuses are an excellent way to spread awareness in society in a way which you and they all enjoy, causing the extreme supply of information and also creating a sub-conscious image of trust and betrayal.


Now, who hasn’t cheated in school? Cheating we learn in school is a survival tactic which comes into play later in life. Status on school cheats is fun but also an informative way to make people aware of how they can become better in life at the same time warning them the dos and don’t in life. This place is one everyone goes through, making it a shared experience.

Cheat is a way to success but also a caution for others. Everyone does it, and not everyone gets caught. Online, it’s a great conversation starter for anyone as most people can relate to it and talk about it. This topic is open in society, be it TV or our social media. Having two or three statues on cheating in your bag can elevate your capabilities and can help you give a better impression in people. Start to find some status today, and it will come in handy anytime in your life.