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Attitude Status in English - Without Attitude a Men/ Women is a ROBOT. So to show off we cannot show our bank balance or our clothes etc. We can take the help of Whatsapp, a messaging applications where we can also share our feeling in the form of Whatsapp! Some of our users has query on jalane wale status in english so we made it possible to share all the required types of Status in our website AJEEB STATUS! Also Check Our royal attitude status in english.

My attitude is my ROYALITY…. Not your cup of tea!

I never think how can I do it, because my attitude is like the KING who can do ANYTHING!

Baking soda is used for making food and breaking rules is used for making FUN…

I always think to WIN not how to defeat anyone!

My personality will not suit you, so don’t think about me.

Facebook, people are busy to showing their fakeness!

I am very poor in math, but expert in economical calculation. So don’t dare to borrow money from me.

Who told you that you are a useless? You can be used as a BAD example. :-P

If you are not able to understand my words, then hire a decoder; because I will not gonna repeat that.

I don’t have any secret to share. Or you can say, I don’t want to share any secret.

Don’t show your attitude in front of me, I am a mirror & you can’t handle the reflection!

I will not accept anything, not even the person if he is second hand! Hope I am clear

I am single because I am like a KOHINOOR, no one can afford it.

Checking my Status, huh? Msg me now if you have the guts. I will count how many times you checked my status. :-P

Its really interesting to listening lies when you know the truth already.

Am I ever asked you about my life? Then who the hell are you to advice me?

It’s not your responsibility to guide me what I should do or not. I have my own sense of responsibility you don’t bother, I can take care of it.

Nobody is perfect, not yet me, but I think that should not be your headache by anyway. Try to improve yourself not others.

You, the people make me feel like a celeb. Yes, of course, the way you keep on discussing about let me get that celeb feeling. Thank you guys.

Yes I have an attitude and I show it to them only who are hardly in need of it. Check yourself first and then speak behind me.

I am proud of what I am I don’t care about your judgement. So keep your advice up to you I don’t need it dear.

If you are not able to understand my words, then please have an IQ test

I am not afraid of Challenges, I am afraid of a normal smooth life.

Be a creative person and design your own destiny.

I am Silent because It is not the time to BOLD you.

Our attitude defines our personality. Attitude points our behaviour so correct attitude may achieve any goal of our life. Users may post our attitude status for Instagram or FB Status

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Your attitude defines your character. When someone interacts with you for the first time, it’s your attitude which is noticed. Your approach might as well make or break your future. In that case, how you define yourself makes itself of most importance. You might come off as a character you are not which will cause you problems.

Why do people care about my attitude?

It’s not that they care, they judge you based on your attitude. This means new opportunities may open up or close up on you depending on people’s likes and dislikes. Building a reputation is essential in any industry, and friendly attitude is the first step to all that. People will not care about your attitude to a degree if you can perform well but after a limit, your attitude will force a lot of decisions.

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Will it affect my future?

A hundred percent yes. Your future is a result of your attitude in life. If you are good with all you will have a bright future if you are wrong with all your future might be bleak. Your tolerance will decide a lot in your life. Your attitude is also your outlook on your life and your future, so it’s a given that it will affect your choices, leading you down a different path than before.

A positive attitude gives a positive outlook

Being optimistic is always good for you. It gives your patience and even keeps you holding on in tight situations. A positive outlook means you ever find a way out, no matter how bleak a situation is looking to be. It helps you connect with people quickly and opens new doors in life. No matter what kind of attitude you adopt in your life, never forget to think positive and keep a smile on your face. You can face anything with your optimism.

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